Sunday, January 18, 2009


Since I forgot to post something yesterday, let's go with THREE instead of one or two sketches today! Zomg!

First, the daily Raye. I like drawing him, okay? XD It feels like I have a ton of sketches of him, most of them featuring the same default facial expression - and THAT bothers me a little, but at least he has a somewhat original facial expression...

A somewhat old sketch, that I still like a whole lot. Some inkarnations of Iago are alien and come with nice little twists such as skin and cornes that needs to be shed, and tusks that is either kept short or ... not short. As you can see. After some careful though it has also been decided that what he says really IS "THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!111one"

I've been thinking of doing that manself meme for quite some time, and the other day I got around to do a sketch or two - but that was it. Either way, I quite like this one: Does your manself have any special skill?

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