Friday, January 30, 2009

Bang bang, my baby shot me doooown

I find it hard to finish pictures like these, with this kind of action-y pose and whatnot: it's hard to keep it vivid and ... well, action-y, you know? And still it's not THAT much action going on here. Anyway: sometimes sketches are better. It is Jenny's Kolya.

And here he is again! I have this stupid, stupid idea for a bunch of card-themed images: you know. Kolya as Jack of Diamons, Raye as Ace of Spades (the song playing in the background, naturally), and so on.

Also, I seem to have a tendency to make a point of giving characters cliché tattoos: neither Saw nor Raye are supposed to have any good taste whatsoever, so naturally they end up with tattoos like THIS:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

After some careful though my proffessional opinion is PPHHHHPBPBPBPBPT

Xhakhal requested some Iago. So here's some Iago:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Being forgotten is a bitch!

Firstly: Marco's fallen asleep, but Benji doesn't seem to mind.

Secondly: Look what Sarah made Raye to to his Minty spacejuice! >=(

Sarah and Benji is, as always, Jenny's characters.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What'd you prefer, yellow spandex?

Jenny's Benjamin and my Marco actually doesn't wear purple spandex shirts, nor are they humanoid pandas: I just didn't bother to remove the purple out of this sketch, since I drew the finer lines on the same layer as the purple sketchyness.

They're both actors, and Benji wore that skirt for an episode because his character lost a bet. Inbetween shooting he and Marco enjoyed a few private moments during which Marco found this skirt-thing unfamiliar but strangely likeable - if nothing else, it makes Benji's ass look awesome.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The face of eeeeeviiiil!

I just figured I'd show you all the BLUE and PINK sketch ...

that turned into this digital drawing: just greatly amuse me that I sketched in PINK. I don't even know why and I don't know why I did it to RAYE of all people!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Daily stupidity. Raye doesn't like it when breathing gets difficult in the cold. Kolya (is belong to Jenny, there's links to the right) and Juine however seem to have a good time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fooooox ooon the run

I've spent these last few days studying rather intensivly for an upcoming test in russian, drinking russian tea and listening to old rock classics. Yeah.

This sketch is a favourite - I dont often manage sketches this "unfinished" and "sloppy" but yet "crisp", if you follow me? It's a look that I like, but that I don't use that often. The girl's my character Juine, and perhaps it should be noted that that pose isn't very characteristic, but perhaps she was exhausted or something. The guy in the red waistcoat is Jenny's Kolya - links to her art's on the right.

An OC concept sketch of an upcoming character: a catholic voodoopriest. This is by no means a settled design: I was really just testing if I could pull that hair off. I haven't yet decided if I actually could. He might also not always walk around with this stupid a facial expression...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Since I forgot to post something yesterday, let's go with THREE instead of one or two sketches today! Zomg!

First, the daily Raye. I like drawing him, okay? XD It feels like I have a ton of sketches of him, most of them featuring the same default facial expression - and THAT bothers me a little, but at least he has a somewhat original facial expression...

A somewhat old sketch, that I still like a whole lot. Some inkarnations of Iago are alien and come with nice little twists such as skin and cornes that needs to be shed, and tusks that is either kept short or ... not short. As you can see. After some careful though it has also been decided that what he says really IS "THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!111one"

I've been thinking of doing that manself meme for quite some time, and the other day I got around to do a sketch or two - but that was it. Either way, I quite like this one: Does your manself have any special skill?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ladies and ... not so gentle men

Let's start off with a picture of a sad sort-of-Edwardian lady... only that she's not english but I currently don't remember the name of the corresponding era in America. :P She also actually lives in the 20's, but she's a bit behind her time. She's a character of mine, named Katherine (Née [Insert Maiden's Name Here] Murdoch.

Here's a wip/close-up of a picture I finished today: the final result can be seen HERE. It's Raye again.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


A character study of Jane Steele, a ... rather determined lady. Is belong to me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Gay Today

Well, my two most recent posts featured gay/bisexual people (Though Saw is 100% straight! Seriously!). I'm breaking that habit today :P

Here's Dr Howard Murdoch, an archaeologist. He likes to dig. He DOES have irises, I was just to lazy to draw them. He also has awesome sidewhiskers!

Tattoo concepts for Raye. He has a shoulder-full of red ones, and his left lower arm is covered in some clichée motifs, and he's got an identity/registrationmark on his right lower arm. Wee!

Italian Comfortings

Benjamin's not got the most tolerant of parents: they disapprove rather strongly of gayness. Luckily, Benjamin (the shorter one, that is: Jenny's character) has a personal Italian to comfort him. :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Saw and Stifle!

Marco and Benjamin!

Today is HUG DAY ... or something. Saw and Marco are my characters: Stifle and Benjamin are Jenny's.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Drink With Me

To daaaays gone by!
Sing with me the songs we kneeew!

Les Mis lyrics aside, have an OC-sketch of Raye and Sarah (Jenny's/Xhakhal's/Verdokai's character, see links to the right). They're DRUNK.

Max (is also belong to Jenny) and Juine, however, are just diabetically cute.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Max times two!

Max Wilde, a prostitue robot, is one of Jennys characters (you'll find her dA-gallery and sketchblog among the links to the right). Captured by the bountyhunter Raye (my character, see earlier posts) but never handed in to the company who put that price on his head, since Raye got other things to do, he instead ended up on Raye's ship where he spent a few months being treated rather badly.

Then along came Juine (also my character), and things turned out to look a bit brighter. In fact it didn't take too long for them to realise they were in love.

NOW the only question, especially given that Juine haven't yet found out that Max is in fact a robot, is: how long will their happiness last...?

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Installed Painter X yesterday, and the first thing I save is AN EXPLOSION. Might use as background for some image someday. XD

Also, have an 18 year old Raye and a 7 year old Kolya: needless to say Raye never returned, right?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What you staring at?

My new tablet arrived today - a delicious little Bamboo Fun. Unfortunately I can't do good colour work since the screen of my laptop is too bright - I can't help but experiment, of course, but in general what looks ok on my screen looks way to dark on any other. I can however doodle and lineart as much as I want, and I -am- looking for a screen that'll allow me to -colour- stuff.

Here, have a rather young Raye - you can tell by the relative shortness of his hair. Duh. Mullet!

Want an example of what I mean with "but in general what looks ok on my screen looks way to dark on any other"? Well, if this looks good on your screen it is as bright and crappy as mine. :P

Monday, January 05, 2009

It's always the butler!

A few months old wip that I still like and that I still, maybe, by some wonder, might finish ... one day. At least, I'd like to. Henry (the bigger one, my character) and Alex (the smaller one then, property of Jenny - see links to the right) watching Midsomer Murders. Henry's not so bright all the time, and is therefore convinced that "'Course it was the butler." Can you blame Alex for facepalming...?

O come o come Emmanuel

Emanuel Holtzer, another character of mine: this one's of german descent, but looks sort of like an american indian and behaves like a Brit. I'm sure his taste in food is french or something. He also happens to be a zombie, with some zombieangst, and he just keeps on making bad choices :D

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Daily sketch!

H. Laertzair, a darkelf character of mine. I have none of his facial features set yet, so he, well, looks pretty much like any generic darkelf. He'll develop features of his own with time, I am sure - he "already" have somewhat individual eyes/eyebrows, that expression works, and his hair probably looks like that.

Daily Sketch?

I have so many sketches laying about, that I'd technically be able to upload one or two sketches a day for a month or so before having to scan any new ones ... so, well, why not? I haven't decided on how often to post new entries, but let's say I'll try to upload one or two sketches once a day, or something along those lines. Just to see if I can keep it up, if nothing else.

My character Léal Chellor (a painter, bohemian and drunkard) dressed in modern day attire - he originally belongs to the 18th century, but "What if?"s are always fun. He'd wear shirts with ugly patterns, old torn jeans and sandals :D

Saturday, January 03, 2009


So. Let's start all new again. I'll post fewer pictures each time here, because whereas I over at LJ could hide a bunch of images behind an LJ-cut, blogspot sadly has nothing equal to that. I think it'll work out just fine either way, though.

To get things started again, have a few marker sketches of my absolutely darling character, Raye Myerzav.


Right. Just a few days ago I was thinking on reviving my old Livejournal and even posted a few sketchdumps: but it didn't take me too long to realise that a blog would be better, so here we go. This would be my blog of sketchposting, artrambling and flailing. Enjoy!