Monday, January 19, 2009

Fooooox ooon the run

I've spent these last few days studying rather intensivly for an upcoming test in russian, drinking russian tea and listening to old rock classics. Yeah.

This sketch is a favourite - I dont often manage sketches this "unfinished" and "sloppy" but yet "crisp", if you follow me? It's a look that I like, but that I don't use that often. The girl's my character Juine, and perhaps it should be noted that that pose isn't very characteristic, but perhaps she was exhausted or something. The guy in the red waistcoat is Jenny's Kolya - links to her art's on the right.

An OC concept sketch of an upcoming character: a catholic voodoopriest. This is by no means a settled design: I was really just testing if I could pull that hair off. I haven't yet decided if I actually could. He might also not always walk around with this stupid a facial expression...

1 comment:

  1. Bah! I like his hair. And his facial expression.

    ... but of course, if I did have to chose, I'd take the facial expression ;) It's really really nice. Especially in contrast to the Spanish priest.