Friday, January 09, 2009

Max times two!

Max Wilde, a prostitue robot, is one of Jennys characters (you'll find her dA-gallery and sketchblog among the links to the right). Captured by the bountyhunter Raye (my character, see earlier posts) but never handed in to the company who put that price on his head, since Raye got other things to do, he instead ended up on Raye's ship where he spent a few months being treated rather badly.

Then along came Juine (also my character), and things turned out to look a bit brighter. In fact it didn't take too long for them to realise they were in love.

NOW the only question, especially given that Juine haven't yet found out that Max is in fact a robot, is: how long will their happiness last...?


  1. FOR everandeverandeverandeverandeverandever

    (whaddaya like my online dr. Cox impersonation?)

    I had completely missed that you posted this XD Maybe you could add me to the mailing list of people getting emails when you post? Now I feel embarassed O_O

    Mmmm android prostitutes...

  2. Jag har suttit och fnissat för mig själv i tålmodig väntan på att du skulle se det. XD