Friday, January 30, 2009

Bang bang, my baby shot me doooown

I find it hard to finish pictures like these, with this kind of action-y pose and whatnot: it's hard to keep it vivid and ... well, action-y, you know? And still it's not THAT much action going on here. Anyway: sometimes sketches are better. It is Jenny's Kolya.

And here he is again! I have this stupid, stupid idea for a bunch of card-themed images: you know. Kolya as Jack of Diamons, Raye as Ace of Spades (the song playing in the background, naturally), and so on.

Also, I seem to have a tendency to make a point of giving characters cliché tattoos: neither Saw nor Raye are supposed to have any good taste whatsoever, so naturally they end up with tattoos like THIS:

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